Adora Agro Pvt. Ltd

Adora Agro Pvt. Ltd : Is an initiative of Ethnic Food Products Solutions Ltd. A renowned entity working closely with farmers in Gujrat, Maharashtra and MP and act as market link and facilitate them to get better realization of their farm produce.

Parent Company Ethnic Food Products Solution Ltd, is a manufacturing / processing company engaged in both tropical and exotic fruits like Guava, Tomato, Strawberry, Mango and Red Papaya, All types pf berries and Apple, Supplying to Juice Manufacturing Companies, Ice-Cream manufacturing company, and Confectionery Industry and Its valuable patronage includes, ITC, Dabur, Perfetti, Hatsun, Havmore, Paperboat and Many more.

ADORA AGRO is an initiative dedicated to value creation in the sectors of Agriculture, Nutrition and Smart Food categories. Under this conception, the ADORA AGRO makes it possible to cover the entire range of healthy and nutritious food which is the Property of the Indian soil.

Popularizing Indian healthily foods like Millets, Honey are the sole objective of ADORA AGRO, there is a tremendous need to change the image of super foods like millets and honey. Make them more modern with better convenience will bring swift and create a much awareness around these products by developing appropriate consumer products.

ADORA AGRO committed to engage and promote Smart Foods as they are highly nutritious and have abundance of health benefits, consumes less water and have high drought tolerance and increasing their market value benefits to farmers





Sudarshan Verma

Sudarshan Verma is holding Masters in business administration & having 18 years of extensive work experience in multi-level operations into logistics. Food being the core of his interest he started his career with R.K. foodland (providing services to McDonalds & subway) working with the latest technologies on logistics & food. His interest in food grew further & which further added to his passion and he eventually started Ethnic foods in 2009. Sudarshan has been instrumental behind Ethnic’s footprints in the industry. Sudarshan hails from Bhopal, MP.


Diwakar Kumar Singh

Diwakar Kumar Singh – holds Masters in business administration. He has been a veteran from the logistics, retail & finance industry. He has vast experience of decades in setting up businesses. Diwakar’s passion is in retail businesses and lately he has been involved with one of the largest large scale modern retailers in India. Under his guidance the firm is able to manage its expenses well and has been efficient in investments. Diwakar is from Patna, Bihar..


Atul Srivastava

Atul Srivastava - holds Degree in law. Atul has been part of various industries in the past, started from pharma later on he moved to a leading regulatory profile in Hiranandani group. He joined ethnic foods core management & founding team. Atul looks after all the compliance and legal aspects of the firm. Atul hails from Jabalpur, MP


Shailendra Pandey

Shailendra Pandey – An astute leader with over 20 years of cross-cultural experience in Retail Management and Business Development with a proven track of delivering record-breaking revenues and profit gains. Proficient in planning & developing business according to visibility studies for different markets with good planning for budgeting & forecasting in order to maximise the profit and revenue and reduce the cost. He has got the ability to deal effectively with all levels of an organisation.


Ruchir Aswal

Ruchir Aswal – Holds masters degree in business administration from iim Calcutta. He has worked in technology and finance sectors building multiple products. Been involved in various startups in past. Currently he is advising & is passionate to make retail consumer businesses leveraging new technologies, all in order to 'build local'.


Ashok Raj

Ashok Raj - holds Masters in business administration. Comes with rich experience in managing various business complex divisions. Started his career in international logistics later on moved to Patni computers as Business Head technology division and has been instrumental in setting up IOT services in location based intelligence. With decades of experience in logistics & technology space, Ashok became an another founder member at Ethnic foods and Algomatix Technology. Ashok hails from a town in down south Madurai, TN.


AriDaman Singh

AriDaman Singh – Holds masters degree in business administration from university of Bhopal. He was working in large distribution company in tanzania. Now managing Madhya Pradesh operations at Adora’s.


Yogendra Singh

Yogendra Singh – M.Sc in Agriculture. Heads potato vertical in company. Where he is managing seed distribution, procurement, storage, logistics, based at Gujarat. Past he worked with Mahindra agri, Parle foods,