Lady Rosetta Potatn

Lady Rosetta Potato, which is good in nutritional value like minerals, vitamins, delectable taste, or known for their freshness and purity. It has early crop maturity and is suitable to quality crisp production either fresh or from short term storage. Lady Rosetta has a good drought tolerance, the crop will benefit from good irrigation; rapid leaf development with good ground cover. Apart from this, provided Lady Rosetta Potato is used for preparing numerous Indian as well as Western dishes.

  • Utilization: Good for Chipping. (Chips)
  • Yield: High yielding variety of attractive appearance, very uniform in size; rather susceptible to internal bruising. Short dormancy period; very high dry matter.
  • Primary Use: Boiling, Baking and Chipping.
  • Availability (Harvest Period): Feb start to March
  • Availability (CIPC -Stored in Cold Storage): February to September with sugar level controlled.
  • Features
    Shape : Round
    Size : 45mm to 90mm
    Skin : Flaky Red Color
    Maturity : 90 to 110 Days
    Eyes : Shallow
    Flesh : Cream to Light Yellow